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This privacy policy explains how your data is used and stored by Adventure Land

Adventure Land uses Cookies for authentication and settings, cookies are stored between HTTP and HTTPS

Due to popular demand, and technical challenges, game can be played over both HTTP and HTTPS, over HTTP, if you are on a compromised network, your data will be exposed. If you are playing the game from Steam or Mac App Store, the game uses HTTPS by default

Adventure Land uses Google Analytics for statistics

Adventure Land uses Cloudflare for security and filtering, almost all HTTP/S data goes through Cloudflare, so they potentially access every data you provide

Adventure Land uses your location data to determine which game server is broadly closer to you

Adventure Land stores your encrypted password, characters, character names, data you provide, your IP (used extensively for the character limits logic), character actions and there are various logs and backups of these data, there's currently no system to delete these logs and backups, but as cloud storage is extremely expensive, I personally want to start deleting them in the future, but couldn't find the time yet

Adventure Land doesn't have a reliable way to send emails, so it's a players responsibility to keep themselves up-to-date on this privacy policy, but the main theme will never change, Adventure Land is a game with no intention of misusing a players data

I'm an indie developer doing my best to protect my players and meet their needs, but we live in a chaotic world, If you are a regular player reading this, please be careful, while I do everything to protect you and your data (especially more after everything I've experienced since I launched the game, which made me grow more as a developer and a human, at least I hope), nothing is safe on the Internet, always approach things with this fact in mind

For any questions: [email protected]

Last Edit [04/12/18]